– Clarisford Park will use its best endeavours to ensure that all facilities are maintained and in good working order. However, it accepts no responsibility for failure or breakdown of facilities however caused. Please notify Management immediately of any accident or incident that occurs or damage to property. Any damages will be charged for as appropriate.
– Please enter and vacate facility as per booked times only
– It is in the best interest of all users that bookings are run in a timely manner, responsibility is on the playing team to vacate facility on time. Your booking is for an allotted time, please respect the next user by finishing on time
– Only coaches and players are allowed on the playing surface, all parents and supporters MUST remain outside the fence. Do not direct balls at fencing.
– Once booking is confirmed, it cannot be amended or changed unless in extreme circumstances i.e. red weather warning or at the discretion of Clarisford Park Ltd
– Please complete ‘Check In/Check Out Form’ in Sports Hall and Dressing Room.

– Clarisford Park operates on a self-sustainable model. For this to be effective please leave facility in a clean, tidy and respectable order. Charges will be incurred to user if this is not followed.

– There is Public Liability Insurance cover on Clarisford Park & Facilities but we are obliged to inform the user that Club/Team public liability insurance is recommended and the Hirer(s) is responsible for providing any medical attention/facilities that may be required. Private users are recommended to arrange ‘Personal Accident Insurance’ through personal insurance provider.
– The hirer will be personally responsible in making sure that FIRE EXIT doors remain clear at all times and Fire Evacuation Procedures are adhered to.

Child Protection
– All clubs must be in compliance with Child Protection Legislation.

Gear & Equipment
– Moulded studs/boots are the recommended footwear on Clarisford 3G. Under no circumstances can running spikes be worn or sharp equipment including poles or sleds be used on playing surface. Appropriate dress and behaviour is expected from all participants and spectators.
– No boots are allowed in Main Hall, Training Room or Entrance of Pavilion – Please Use corridor and double exit doors at rear of building

Right to Refuse
– In the interest of safety, management reserve the right to refuse admission of any participant or spectator who, in the opinion of management, may pose a risk to himself/herself or any other user.  Animals/Pets are not allowed on playing surface or in building.

Food & Beverages
– Food, beverages and particularly chewing gum are not allowed on or near the playing surface. Clarisford Park is a NO-SMOKING site.

Personal Property
– CCTV Monitoring is in operation at Clarisford Park facilities 24/7. Clarisford Ltd will not accept responsibility for loss of or damage to personal items or vehicles. Clarisford Park is in no way responsible or liable for any loss, damage or injury that any person may suffer as a result of the use of facilities. Any items found on site will be removed and donated to charity.

Health & Safety
– There is a Defibrillator on site at Clarisford Park and 3G (enter access Code 2013 + follow instructions).
– Ambulance, Fire Brigade, Gardaí, Coast Guard
E.S.B. Emergency 1800 372 999
Shannon Doc  (out of hours service) 1850 212 999
Killaloe Gardaí 061 620540

In the case of an incident requiring Medical Services please provide Eircode V94 DWP7.

In the case of a blackout and/or adverse weather conditions, please stop playing and move slowly and safely to the main gates. In case of a Lighting Issue please contact info@clarisfordpark.ie. Floodlights will automatically shut off at 10pm nightly.