Launch of Healthy Killaloe Ballina

Healthy Killaloe Ballina report was officially launched in Clarisford Park, Killaloe, Co. Clare on Friday 21st July.

Speaking at the launch, Director Clarisford Park and Chair Healthy Ireland, Keith Wood spoke about community  leadership and initiative as a conduit for change in health and wellbeing at a local level. He welcomed the support from Healthy Ireland, Sport Ireland, Clare Sports Partnership and the work of Nollaig O’Sullivan, Exercise Psychologist in producing a template that will best serve communities and groups across the country. He concluded that the launch is a ‘celebration of the community of Killaloe Ballina, the partnerships and togetherness that have formed throughout the process and an acknowledgement of the power of community coming together to deliver a legacy project with far reaching impacts into the future.’

Exercise Psychologist and Community Sports Hub Coordinator, Nollaig O’Sullivan stated that the ‘The Healthy Killaloe Ballina initiative is about embracing what communities have to offer, creating a community awareness of the valuable assets in their locality, whether it be facilities, local sports groups, natural resources or individuals in the pursuit of health and wellbeing was key.

Research carried out over a 2-year period assessed the baseline health and wellbeing levels of the community prior to the implementation of physical activity and wellbeing programmes with built in psychological aspects targeted at specific groups and needs within the community.

People from Killaloe Ballina with a specialism in health and wellbeing were encouraged to participate and help create and deliver health and wellbeing programmes to improve and enhance the long term healthy lifestyle behaviour of people at all stages of life in the community.

The collaborative approach to community engagement was highlighted by John Sweeney, Clare Sports Partnership who acknowledged that ‘the important key is building and creating partnerships, this can promote funding, expertise, recruitment of community members and use of local facilities.

Through the establishment of community based health promotion and wellbeing the Healthy Killaloe Ballina initiative serves as a model of best practice and as a blueprint for the creation of like minded healthy communities that can be rolled out across the island of Ireland

Fiona Donovan from Healthy Cities and Counties Network  concluded that seeing first-hand the impact of the Healthy Killaloe Ballina Initiative over the past 24 months ‘has brought people of all ages together to pursue health and wellbeing as a common goal, building on community spirit, cooperation and collaboration’ This is truly what a Healthy Community should strive to be.

Please email if you would like a copy of the Healthy Killaloe Ballina Report

Clare Sports Partnership supports Clarisford parkrun

Thank You to Clare Sports Partnership, supporters of Clarisford parkrun!

The Clare Sports Partnership was established in 2001 by the Irish Sports Council. The mission of the Irish Sports Council is to plan, lead and coordinate the sustainable development of sport in Ireland. The aims of the Irish Sports Council are to increase participation through the removal of barriers, and to make better use of facilities. The Local Sports Partnership Initiative was developed in order to help deliver these aims and to create a national structure to co-ordinate and promote the development of sport at local level. The Clare Sports Partnership provides county wide training & courses for all ages including Active Leadership, Get Walking, Meet and Train, Women in Sport and Youth Basketball.

John Sweeney, Coordinator, Clare Sports Partnership said “parkrun is a fantastic pathway of allowing people to take part in a weekly 5km event, completely free. We have seen in the recent Sports Monitor report compiled by the Irish Sports Council that running is the 3rd most popular physical activity amongst the Irish adults, with 8.5% of the population taking part regular sessions. We are delighted to be in a position to support parkrun in Killaloe and envisage that it will prove to be an extremely successful and popular event”.

Clarisford parkrun

Runners in Killaloe Ballina will soon have a brand new challenge on their doorstep as the global running initiative: parkrun comes to Clarisford Park on Saturday 25th October!

parkrun is a free, timed, weekly 5km run which is open to everyone, local and easy to take part in . Each week, the run will commence at 9:30am. People of all abilities and fitness levels are encouraged to take part; from those taking their first strides in running to long time runners; from youth to the experienced; everybody is welcome.

Since its inauguration 10 years ago, the parkrun revolution has spread across the world to 10 countries including the US, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand and recently hit the 6 million run mark! Momentous landmark aside, an average Saturday morning sees over 70,000 runners and 5,000 volunteers take part in parkruns globally. There are now over 700,000 known runners who have participated in a parkrun.

Supported by Clarisford Park, Clare Sports Partnership and Healthy Ireland, the Clarisford course is a 4 lap route of the newly developed 10ha Park set on the banks of the River Shannon with mature woodland, playing fields and a running/walking trail. The course commences at the main gate entrance, following the woodland road to the perimeter trail path of the park.

Director of Clarisford Park and Chair of Healthy Ireland, Keith Wood said; “We are delighted to welcome parkrun to Clarisford Park. Reducing inequalities to actively engage in sport & recreational activity has been a core value in the development of Clarisford Park and indeed the Healthy Ireland initiative. parkrun is an exciting opportunity to improve on health, well-being and quality of life and will hopefully be a catalyst for an improved healthy lifestyle for all the people of Killaloe Ballina.”

Caroline Madden, Event Director for Clarisford parkrun said “parkrun is a fantastic initiative which caters for all levels of runner, from those starting out to those who want to use the event as a time trail to increase pace. It is a great way of committing yourself to a weekly run in a fabulous setting with the motivation and fun of fellow runners, and best of all its free!”

Clarisford parkrun commences on 9:30am, Saturday 25th October at Clarisford Park, Killaloe. Register for free at – Print out barcode – Turn up, Run & have Fun!