Written by Alun from Green Man Picture Framing

Well, I am not naturally a competitive person, a little too easy going for that, but sometimes a challenge is a good and necessary thing.
I find as I get older – I was 58 in September – this easy going approach to life definitely has  advantages but also some disadvantages, a few extra pounds in weight being one of them!

I work for myself in Ballina as a Picture Framer  — ‘Green Man Picture Framing’ — and this could never be described as the most ‘energetic’ way of passing the day.
Time is mostly spent at the workbench and operating the various items of equipment used to construct frames. Moving around…but not much.
There is frequent traveling around the Ballina/Killaloe area (and beyond) visiting customers to collect items and return them framed.
Brilliant for getting to know a great many people in our wonderful towns – some have become good friends as well as customers – but not much good for the ol’ waistline!
Coupled with this I had a disagreement with a ladder 5 years ago. It was my own utter stupidity, one moment I was at the top and then I was on the floor with the ladder on top of me.
I should have known my limitations; I would never ask someone whose work involves the correct use of a ladder to frame a picture! Lesson learned.

The result of all this was that I injured a foot, broke off the heel and damaged ligaments, and whilst the break mended the rest of the foot never really did. It could have been a lot worse though; I got away with it.
The point I’m making is that I’ve allowed the discomfort that this causes to possibly become an excuse not to walk as much as I used to instead of strengthening it…and I used to walk a lot!
So, these would be my specific reasons for giving this challenge a go along with the general health benefits that it should bring.

Week 1 has been interesting. I was surprised how many steps I was actually doing in the first couple of days, dog walking helps here as well as the ‘November summer’ we’ve been blessed with. I’ve also seen how easy it is to lose the focus and see the number of steps drop away!
The lesson there is to set the goal and stay focused!
Oh, and make sure your pedometer is properly clipped to your belt! I was cutting the lawn on Wednesday – hopefully the last time this year – and very nearly Flymo’d it. I was unaware that it had fallen off.

Good luck to everyone taking part in the challenge, it really is a great idea and remember, keep it fun!

Alun (that’s Alan not Aloon :-), just a different spelling courtesy of my Welsh mother)

aka – The Green Man