Results… Results… Results are in for Week 5




Results are in for Week 5

  1. St. Annes Community School               123,458
  2. ClareCare                                                   118,97
  3. Post Office                                                 115,135
  4. Heaney’s Costcutters                             106,050
  5. Collins Phrmacy, Ballina                        94,033
  6. Green Man Picture Framing                  87, 921
  7. Mother Goose Creche                              83,526
  8. SuperValu                                                  81,461
  9. Clare Tipp Properties                               77,103
  10. Collin’s Pharmacy , Killlaloe                   76,319
  11. Donovan’s Insurance                                71,198


Well done to everyone. We are into the final week of the walking challenge, look back  at what you have achieved in the past 5 weeks, how do you feel? Do you feel healthier? Did you enjoy the social aspect, having a walking buddy? Do you feel your mental health has improved? Did you have fun? All these elements play a role in being healthier and getting fitter

Ask yourself is walking 10,000 steps a day something that you want to incorporate into your daily life? Just because the six weeks challenge is coming to an end doesn’t mean you have to stop too. Set your goals for another month or six weeks or even six months, imagine how good you will feel in January when you kept your walking up over the Christmas.

Remember we have the annual walk being held in on Saturday 9th January 2016 in Clarisford park, bring your work colleagues, your walking partner, your family and join in this national walking day.


Happy stepping