Gayle’s Healthy Eating Blog


Well I have talked a bit about what to eat and what not to eat and why, so I thought I would look at when to eat and when not to eat, particularly in our hectic lifestyles today, to see how we can make our eating healthier and easier to accommodate.


As our grandmothers were always saying the most important meal of the day is breakfast, and that is true. I keep saying the word balance – a balanced meal comprising protein, carbohydrate and vitamins such as C and the B complexes to maintain a healthy immune system.


Now I can hear loads of you saying “but I don’t have time for breakfast, what with getting everyone off to school, or work, or walking the dog etc. etc. etc.


If this is the case, I cannot endorse too highly the use of the smoothie.  You can put all of your protein, carbs and vitamins into one luvverly drink you can consume whilst doing everyone else’s breakfast, or in the car, or at your desk over the morning.  They are easy to make, can be done the night before whilst you are doing the evening meal and put into on the go containers in the fridge ready for the next day.  It takes about 10 minutes to prepare one and no more than 20 seconds (because it starts to reduce the nutrition any longer) to whizz.


Another advantage is you can put things that are really good for you that you dislike intensely but if you put banana or pineapple in you can’t taste them.  This is particularly good for kids to give them cabbage or spinach if they don’t like to eat it – as long as they don’t see you make it they will never know!  Why not get all the family onto them and make them all the night before, save so much time in the morning.


So some things to put in, fruit is particularly good especially with a vitamin C rich one like lemon juice or orange to help fight the colds that are all around at this time, plus your extras such as flax seed, royal jelly, omega 3 oil, B complex and  green leafy vegetables.  Top it off with plain yoghurt, either dairy or even better soya which will also give you some protein.  Don’t forget to put in water, spring water preferably rather than tap because of the chemicals in most tap water, and I ladle a couple of large spoons of cherry juice on top.  The taste is amazing and you can feel the difference almost immediately.  It is also easy to digest because it is broken down finer than our teeth can.  A good tip when eating anything someone gave to me is to sniff it first.  All animals do this not because they are suspicious of it but because it starts off the digestive process by warning your system that something is on the way.  You may notice you will start to salivate which is a way of preparing the digestive system.


So that’s some ideas for a quick nourishing breakfast, for others there are loads on the internet or discuss ingredients with your local health food shop, there is An Siopa Beag in Convent Hill, Killaloe, another shop in Scarriff and three in Nenagh as well as numerous ones in Limerick.  They can advise on the vitamins to put in as well as which fruit and vegetables will be most beneficial for the winter season.


Thanks everyone.