Dogs Must be Kept on a Lead at all Times

DogsKeptLeadTaking your dog for a walk in Clarisford Park should be an enjoyable and healthy experience for you, your dog and other visitors.

Not everyone appreciates dogs, and even the friendliest of dogs can cause fear and anxiety in adults as well as children.

If you bring a dog to Clarisford Park you must:
– Keep the dog on a suitable lead
– Ensure that the dog does not enter on or damage playing surfaces
– Clean up after the dog as dog dirt can cause disease, particularly in children
For everyone’s enjoyment it is essential that recreational and amenity areas are clean and safe, and your assistance in achieving this is vital.


Failure to keep your dog under control (on a lead) is an offence under the Control of Dogs Act 1986, and failure to clean up after your dog is an offence under the Litter Pollution Act 1997. Both acts provide for a fine or prosecution in respect of offences