‘ Powerful You’ Workshops


Killaloe Ballina First Healthy Town in Ireland program and the Community Sports Hub are holding  “Powerful You” Workshops.

There are 3 workshops in this series. They can be attended separately but there is real value in the link and continuity, the arc that runs between them all:

  • We start with tools we can use throughout the workshops and beyond.
  • We then look at how we are often influenced by external events and pressures and lose sight of who we are and what we want.
  • Lastly, we look at specific triggers that drive stress and unhappiness and look at ways of dealing with these to create a more fulfilled, successful and balanced world.

The programme is all focused on empowering ourselves, getting to know ourselves, expressing ourselves and being more fulfilled.

We will use the environment as much as possible i.e. get outdoors and explore the idea of working in nature, whether walking, feeling the sun or wind  on our face or just noticing the weather, the movement of the trees

Workshop 1: Sat 14th of May, 9am to 1pm  :Meditation, Mindfulness, Being in the Now

We have all heard about these in recent years. This is an opportunity to understand what they are, what are the benefits, are they for me, how do I start to develop the techniques and use them in my every day activity? We focus on the tools we can use during the workshops and in our daily life to bring more balance, satisfaction and peace to ourselves and those around us.

Workshop 2: Sat 28th May, 9am to 1pm:  Being myself in a busy world –

This programme is aimed at people leading busy lives whether at home, in an office or both. Whether we have jobs, children, hobbies or other responsibilities, we often forget about ourselves. This workshop is about reclaiming some time for ourselves and understanding how best we wish to spend that time. It will help us develop a greater understanding of what we want out of life and what fulfils and motivates us. We look at how society influences us; how we can get caught up in a version of ourselves that we and society have created. We look at the stress this causes and how we can deal with that. We learn some tools to get to know ourselves, our own desires and wants; how to define and protect our boundaries and create a more fulfilling world for ourselves.

Workshop 3: Sat 11th of June 9am to 1pm: Managing Stress and being Happy

This workshop looks at how well we manage our own stress and focus on what makes us happy. We look at our own patterns.  We look at dealing with specific triggers and patterns of behaviour and how we manage them. How important is our attitude? How do we cultivate an attitude of gratitude and appreciation? We look at what drives our happiness and how can we bring ease to our lives. We cover how we deal with specific triggers and patterns of behaviour and how we manage them. How important is our attitude? How do we cultivate an attitude of gratitude and appreciation? We consider at what drives our happiness and how can we bring ease to our lives.

These workshops are open to everyone.

They are held in Clarisford Park. Cost 20 euro per workshop or 50 euro for all three workshops

If interested please book or for more information please contact  Stephen 0866235551 or nollaig @clarisfordpark.ie

or book online at: https://www.shadowplay.ie/workshops/

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The Winners of the Stepping Out, Stepping Up 6 Week Business walking Challenge are……



Frocks and Frills Clothes Shop in Killaloe. Congratulations on becoming the Overall Winners of the Killaloe Ballina 6 Week Stepping Out Stepping Up Walking Business Challenge. Over the 6 weeks Frocks and Frills carried out on average 862,955 steps in total. Well done!!

In 2nd place  –  Wood Brothers Cafe

In 3rd Place  – The Post Office

In 4th place  – Heaney’s Costcutters

In 5th place – St. Anne’s Community School





The second award goes to the Business who has improved consistently on weekly basis, this was neck and neck between a number of businesses but the Overall Winner of Most Improvement goes to…….


St. Anne’s Community College

St. Anne’s Community college has made consistent improvements each week, starting in week 1 with 72,252 steps and building on this each week to reach a total of 123,638 steps by Week 6. Well done St. Anne’s Community School.


Presentation of certificates will be given to the Top 5 businesses and the business with the Most Improvement.

I want to take this chance to remind you of the National 5 k walk that will be held in Clarisford park on Saturday 9th January 2016. We are hoping to see all participants who took part in this challenge to come and join in on this national walking day.


I would like to thank everyone who took part in this challenge and I hope you enjoyed yourself and noticed a number of health and wellbeing benefits. I would also like to thank Community Sports and Physical activity hub for supporting this project.

We are looking forward to holding a number of new challenges in 2016 so it would be great if you could participate in the future.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your family,



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