Killaloe Ballina Stepping Out, Stepping Up 6 Week Business Challenge


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The pedometer challenge has begun and the weather is being very kind to us, hopefully the sun keeps shining.

A few notes:

Pedometers should be tracked from first thing in the morning till you jump in to bed at night, 7 days a week for the 6 weeks

Adjusting the pedometers –

  1.  If your pedometer is not taking the right reading, you need to adjust sensitivity.
  2.  Walk 100 steps and then check if the pedometer records the same amount of steps.
  3.  If it reads, for example 110 steps, you need to move the sensitivity adjustment switch to – (minus) if   number is  105 or more.
  4. If it displays 95 or less you need to move the sensitivity adjustment switch to + (plus)
  5. Close the unit and walk 100 steps, open unit and check number

NOTE: If the difference still exceeds -/+ 5, repeat the sensitivity adjustment

Once you are happy with the reading PLEASE put the sensitivity adjustment switch to the middle between the + and – sign.

Waistband Attachment – Most pedometers need to be several inches from your center body or directly in line with your knee to accurately record the number of steps you take each day. The pedometers work by using a pendulum, which moves the counter as you move forward or backward. Keeping pedometers on your jacket or upper body will result in an inaccurate count for you.

Forms– Please register your team to be covered by insurance and please return all forms provided in the information packet by tomorrow Wednesday 4 of November. We are located between Woods Brothers café and the archway (The red door).


We have compiled a list of all the businesses taking part in this challenge. We will have a team leader board each week, highlighting the Top 5 teams, here is the competitors:

Heaney’s Costcutter

Ponte Vecchio Cafe

Mother Goose Creche

Derg Credit Union

Bridge House Studios

McKeogh Hardware

Kincora Kids School

The Elle Club

Grogans Pharmacy and Optician


Clare Tipp Properties


Collins Pharmacy Killaloe

Killaloe Vetinary Clinic

Post Office

Killaloe Boys National School

Green Cross Pharmacy, Killaloe

Collins Pharmacy Ballina

St. Annes Community School

Wood Brothers and W2

Family Resource centre

Frocks and Frills

Green Man Picture Framing and Prints

The Wooden Spoon

Kincora Guest House

O’Donovans Insurance

Killaloe Convent Primary School

Clarisford Park

Planet Tri



Happy Stepping Everyone