New Seating at Clarisford Park

New picnic benches and wheelchair friendly seating  have been placed at Clarisford Park and Clarisford 3G in recent weeks. The seats are designed to enhance the natural environment and offer an attractive rest stop for users of Clarisford Park.

The products are made from 100% recycled materials, eco-friendly and look great so take a rest and enjoy the surroundings of Clarisford Park.

Colour Killaloe Fun Run at Clarisford Park

Take Part in the Happiest Run of your Life at Clarisford Park, Killaloe on Sunday 21st September 2014

Colour Killaloe is all about promoting Health, Happiness and Positivity, so take part in order to raise funds for GROW Ireland and you can hop, skip, walk, run , crawl, or anything yourself into colour. GROW is a Mental Health Organisation which helps people who have suffered or who are currently suffering from Mental Health Problems. Members are helped to recover from all forms of mental breakdown or indeed to prevent such happening. GROW has a national network of over 130 groups in Ireland and its principal strength is the support members give each other from their own experience in matters to do with mental health.

Take part to raise funds, Take part to remember a friend, take part for fun or to end stigma…. Together we can make a difference!!!

For Further Information and Registration please see here.